Whoopi Goldberg vs the 14th Amendment

The Tragic Irony

The painful irony here is that the very same amendment that recognizes the natural rights of women and black Americans bringing US federal law into alignment with the vision of equality held by the founding Fathers denies her conclusion that she has a right to an abortion under the understanding put fourth in Roe v Wade. AKA there is a virtually iron clad case to be made that the 14th amendment protects the unborn.

Conclusions based on Lies

The majority was reliant essentially on two articles by Professor Cyril Means who was an advocate for the repeal of abortion laws. And unfortunately for him (and Roe v Wade) his work in this area has been severely discredited and no longer seen as a reputable resource for understanding Abortion Law.

Ancient Embryology

This has been heralded as a breakthrough. A writer in the fantastic online magazine that I regularly contribute to suggested last year that:



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