Vox “Unexplains” the Racial Wealth Gap

It’s not really about the Racial Wealth Gap

But the episode is actually a very awkward bait and switch. It’s an argument for reparations for black Americans in order to heal the wounds of slavery. This is not revealed until the final minute when the viewer is treated to a barrage of Ta-Nehisi Coates clips. This is very unfortunate because Baradaran’s work actually shows that government intervention makes racial problems considerably worse. Yet the solution is of course more government intervention?

What is really going on

But to understand what really went wrong in this episode, and basically what’s wrong with the show in general, we need to resort to a much older work of Sowell’s : The Vision of the Anointed. He writes:

The Path to Hell is paved with “explanations”

Unsurprisingly Ezra Klein is one of the main people behind this show. And he means well. If you listen to the episode of his podcast that corresponds to this episode you’ll see a much more well rounded intellectual take on this issue from a leftist perspective. But they completely ignore conservative arguments (really they’re more like factual observations at this point) for how the welfare state continues to contribute to and exasperate these issues.



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