This post is utter garbage as usual. Warren claims she’s a capitalist and nothing she’s said is interesting, you’ve just figured out to how to make money off the stupidity of others by repeating the same dumb lies over and over.

But this is actually Antisemitic. Comparing Hitler to Trump devalues the Shoah. Especially because Trump is probably our most Philosemitic president. If you need him to be a fascist (which he isn’t, because he’s not anything) compare him to Mussolini. Mussolini not only had no problem with Jews but is partially responsible for Rome‘s Jewry remaining intact (the only European city to do so).

Keep up the extremely bad work man. I can’t wait for the day when you reveal either that this was all a joke or that there’s something actually wrong with you…mentally. It’s impressive that you can manage to turn out so much moronic garbage. The only place there’s more lies on the internet is probably Trump’s twitter account Ahahahahaha. I guess I’m glad you’ve figured out how to benefit from a capitalist system like Medium. These posts are so bad that I doubt you’d be able to get a job actually doing anything. I don’t want the stupid to starve.

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