This is simply false. Fascism was not unique to Germany because A) fascism is socialism combined with blood and soil and socialism was common at that time B) overt Fascism appeared in several other countries simultaneously. Umair regularly proves he has no idea what he’s talking about but this post is truly impressive in its stupidity. Taken on its own terms it’s completely incoherent.

What he wants to (Or should) say is that Schumpeter was right: capitalism is created and sustained by things it undermines and destroys. This is true and a deeply conservative point. The family and strong localism are the keys to sustaining free markets but capitalism undermines those things by making individuals more self reliant and materialistic. Hence Schumpeter thought Capitalism’s success was its downfall and that would lead to socialism. But Schumpeter was wrong about it leading to socialism. Instead we have something more insidious in that it’s covert whereas Socialism was overt. The welfare state is what Umair really wants, not socialism. But he won’t admit this because he’s either a “communist” shill (enabled by all the idiots who clap for these dumpster fires he produces everyday) or he truly knows nothing about history and economics. It’s probably both.

What that means is he can’t grant that capitalism is a good thing. Within Marx’s Hegelian worldview Capitalism created the proletariat which meant that capitalism was doomed. And Umair needs that to be true in the same way that Christians believe Jesus is coming back. It’s his religion which is why he named his website Eudaimonia. This concept has nothing to do with Socialism because on a materialist worldview there is no teleology and therefore no eudaimonia. But Umair doesn’t really understand any of this.

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