The Nashville Statement…down the road

The Embarrassed Orthodox

Folks like Pastor Skye Jethani:

Orthodox and Unashamed Perspectives

Dr. Alan Gomes, Professor of Historical Theology, gave me a very thorough answer:

Theological Scope

I asked Dr. Erik Thoennes about the theological scope of the statement. He said “The statement certainly represents the perspective of other traditions, but it was written by evangelicals with evangelicals in mind. The Nashville Statement should be a resource for Christian leaders and churches, Christians in general, to use as a baseline for our thinking on these things.”

Different Sorts of Evangelicals

So clearly some of the embarrassed orthodox issue is connected to the outcome of the 2016 presidential race. Evangelicals infamously made a massive contribution. To better understand how Trump support may or may not be connected to the continued significance of the NS I sought out one of Biola’s Political Science Professors, Dr. Darren Guerra.



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