Solzhenitsyn for Today

Nixon vs Solzhenitsyn

But there is a vast difference between Nixon and Solzhenitsyn. Nixon was a politician. The official American system has never made it easy for politicians because power should be difficult to attain and maintain. But it’s clear that an unofficial part of our structures of power, the 4th estate, has continually made it easier for certain kinds of politicians to thrive. For every Nixon there’s two Kennedies. At least that’s the way it feels to those of us with flyover values.

Breaking the Bonds of Trust

The emotional imagery of that alone might be enough to finally sever the emaciated bonds of trust. But when you combine it with the content of Solzhenitsyn’s address it becomes clear that the media wasn’t really cannabalizing one of their own. Solzhenitsyn was an avatar of American conservatism. He wrote:

The Constraints of Faith

This is what happens when the constraints of faith are removed from the people. This is how the progressives established themselves and this is why the media became so upset with Solzhenitsyn. They understood exactly what he was saying and that was why they hated it. But he made it worse by going after LBJ’s great society:



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