Paul Moser & “Conservatism”

  1. Conservativism is supposed to be a “wax nose” in that it is by definition pliable and adaptable. This is a common claim made against us by Libertarians especially. And no real Conversative denies that our tradition is hard to define, because it isn’t an ideology. Conservativism is a practice that is accidentally. political. But as Sir Roger Scruton says it begins with Love. The Conservative has found something to love and seeks to Conserve it. As Edmund Burke made clear Conservation requires reform and reform requires an object worth conserving. This will look different in different times because the needs of society change. Conservatism is the virtuous managing on change, which is why Burke was so opposed to the French Revolution but not the American.
  1. Conservatism: An Invitation to the Great Tradition by Sir Roger Scruton




Educator, podcaster, & writer

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A.C. Gleason

A.C. Gleason

Educator, podcaster, & writer

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