No it’s not. If you read the Old Testament and come to the conclusion that Polygamy is a good idea then you literally are sub literate. Robert Alter basically said that in his book on biblical narrative. The scriptures begin with monogamy and God’s people constantly suffered due to polygamy afterward. None of your examples are seen as good things by the biblical writers. They’re seen as cultural things. You’ve literally gotten it backwards. Polygamy was a cultural ideology God tolerated. And it’s basically gone in Judaism by Jesus’ time. Jesus and Paul make it very clear that monogamy is it. As usual you’re leading people astray and God will judge you. I pray you repent. You don’t understand what you’re doing, but your “teaching” is destructive and vile. God will judge you unless you repent of this wickedness. You’re in love with sex, when you should be in love with God and what he’s clearly revealed in scripture. Stop worshipping sex and start worshipping the true God.