Book Review: Suicide of the West

The Night I found Conservative Jesus

I became a conservative sitting in Biola’s Myers auditorium almost a decade ago. The university had hosted a conference on Francis Schaefer and Os Guinness was giving the final plenary address. Guinness spoke on the topic of sustainable freedom. In 2012 he would write “A free people’s suicide: Sustainable Freedom and the American future.

An uncontroversial Suicide

There has been surprising little controversy over this book given that it is essentially about the demise of everything we hold dear. A big part of that is Goldberg himself. Jonah is winsome and self deprecating. He knows when to push and when to pull back. The calm productive interviews of his media tour to support the book are a radical departure from the tenor of our times. Some of this has to do with the fact that Goldberg has consistently and passionately criticized Trump from a conservative perspective. But of course Goldberg has nothing in common with the resistance, and shows that what makes Trump awful is basically what makes the resistance awful as well.

Some Criticism

Of what little criticism there has been the most baffling comes from David Brooks:


This wondeful book covers just about every imaginable topic at some point. Literally from Godzilla to Frankenstein, almost anything you can think of are found within the pages. That kind of bizarre energy is something deeply needed right now. But the most bizarre and valuable contribution is Goldberg’s ability to stand above tribe. In a world made of red and blue swans, a black Swan might be the only thing that can teach us how to fly again. If you’re a conservative you should read this at some point. If you’re of the left or the alt right then you need to read this as soon as possible.



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