James Finn is spreading lies

Blogger James Finn, an outspoken LGBTQ&@ activist, published a post further spreading the lie that the now infamous Kayla Kenney was expelled by Whitefield Academy for wearing a rainbow sweater with her matching rainbow cake.

Rod Dreher has already exposed this as a lie. It is a lie because the rainbow colors (which according to Finn aren’t gay enough, I guess you need purple, orange, and kangaroo too or it doesn’t actually count) Kayla wore were only part of what got her expelled. And despite feeble protests from Kayla’s mom, and activists like Finn, these colors were almost certainly about “Gay pride.” Kayla’s conduct over the last few years has been consistently pro LGBTQ%£ which is clearly inconsistent with Whitefield Academy’s official code of conduct. She’s not an innocent kid getting railroaded because of an ignorant school that’s terrified of tomboys. Kayla clearly seems to be an LGBTZ¥ activist who had publicly come out and intentionally caused problems at the school. In other words her mother is the one who has been lying. She knows exactly what’s going on.

This is evidenced by how the Washington Post article that started this whole debacle ended:

Reflecting on the school’s conduct policy, the mother wondered, “Who determines what’s Christ-like?”

“I just want her to be true to who she is,” the mother said. “She is very individual.”

Well Jesus the Messiah (Christ is Greek for Messiah) gets to decide what’s Christ like, that’s who. And even if Christlikeness were this amorphous debatable thing Kayla’s mom agreed to the school’s conduct policy and their conduct policy is strictly biblical on the issue of sexuality. In other words they knew this was coming. Considering the media blitz the Kenneys have invoked it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that this outcome is exactly what they wanted.

What’s even more amazing is that the true story fits into the activist narrative far better than the made up one, Kayla should be seen by the SJW crowd as a sexual Greta Thunberg throwing down against the patriarchy. But people like Finn are too busy trying to mock Biblical Christians to see that I guess.

Jesus said the world would hate us for following him, I just want to make sure people like Finn hate us for the right reasons not trumped up nonsense.

Educator, podcaster, & writer

Educator, podcaster, & writer