In Defense of Harlots

A.C. Gleason
2 min readApr 26, 2019

W. Scott Poole is one of my favorite writers. He’s very much a leftist and seems to have also adopted just about every piece of the intersectional worldview. So I disagree with about 70% of what he writes. But agreement is not everything. It’s important to read those we disagree with, especially when we have shared interests. I highly recommend his books on horror, especially In the Mountains of Madness.

But we’ve had a few “dust ups” on Twitter recently, one of which was interesting enough to write about.

Then I responded with this:

I was making a bad joke with the “labor of love” thing. But his response deserves a Darwin Award:

This response is just utterly AMAZING. A) it has absolutely no argumentative purchase. This is basically just an ad hominem against two of the most brilliant thinkers to ever think. The ad hominem against Augustine is especially dumb because that’s from before his conversion, and I didn’t even bother googling the blow job thing (I’ll look it up eventually because ya know boredom). But none of this even matters because of B)

That was the point of my original retweet! I like Poole. He’s a good guy. I generally don’t respond to his political tweets because I don’t want to annoy him. I was basically saying I agree. I don’t think the government should be regulating sexual relations. Even monetized ones. Especially in a culture that has turned marriage into concubinage, that means virtually every sexual encounter is potentially monetized.

Here’s an article explaining the Augustine/Aquinas potion on prostitution.

Go read Poole’s books. They’re awesome!