I think the real code in all this is actually your cultic code. I think you’re trying to sound like a “liberal” while having no actual interest in Liberty. Yes they clearly mean this, because that is what religious liberty would mean. But why you feel the need to “translate” this out of a “secret code” is what’s really telling. By “translating” it you’re trying to say that religious liberty doesn’t mean religious liberty. Because in fact you’re the dominionist. You want to force by violence (because that’s what the state is, violent enforcement) Christians to stop being Christians. And you’re probably right that a lot of these people are theocrats, despite the fact that Jesus never gave us any reason to think the state should be intertwined with our faith, and I agree that’s bad. But your dommionism is just as bad and just as ideologically driven, but NPR or whoever has convinced you that the violent leftist oppression you seek is normal. And they’re right. It is normal for anyone who attaches all importance in life to politics to be pro state pro violence and anti freedom. But let’s be clear you aren’t critiquing dominionism, you’re playing the exact same game.

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