Gas Pumping in the Rain

It’s weird, I’m a fan

I’ve always been a fan of the law because it provides low skill jobs in a state that desperately needs them. As a conservative I hate government involvement in the economy but also as a Federalist I strongly support states doing their own thing when it suits them. And this law hasn’t done much in the way of interference except require gas companies to have attendants if they want to sell any fuel. But now the low traffic low usage rural stations won’t require additional attendants, so this seems to help both the gas companies and their costumers since prices could potentially be lowered and service possibly speed up.

The Net is a Troll Den

The Internet reaction proves yet again that the web is not a place of enlightenment but rather a troll den. Self service gas stations are relatively unique on this planet. I didn’t pump my own gas till sometime in college. I grew up in the Philippines where there is no self service and most of my time spent in the US was in Oregon.



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