Ford/Kavanaugh is a Victory for the Right

The Ford/Kavanaugh debacle has been a bizarre spectacle. The fact that these hearings even happened is a sign of how unhealthy our country is at the governmental level. But there is a silver lining. Unless the FBI finds some bombshell (which is extremely unlikely) everything ultimately went the right way. This has become a massive political disaster for the American left. The main contributions to this failure for the Democrats came from seven people.

  1. Dr. Christine Blasey Ford. Her highly credible testimony was riveting. She did a fantastic job modeling what a #metoo moment should look like. She was honest and vulnerable. She wasn’t defensive or demure. She didn’t sling mud she simply told her story. But the most important thing about her testimony was that she proved beyond reasonable doubt that the DNC, if not intentionally then unintentionally, used her as a political pawn. In other words she is not a partisan actor, she is an unwilling pawn in a ridiculous game. That doesn’t mean she isn’t biased by politics. She is, we all are. She’s a democrat who disagrees with Kavanaugh on some fundamental issues. That must have played some role here, but it should play a role. If she believes that Roe v. Wade was correct and good for women then she should try to protect it (not at all costs). That makes her a person of conviction not a partisan agent. The “agents” are the ones who did not go through the confidentiality process that this committee has in place for witnesses who wish to remain anonymous. Those same “agents” also blocked her knowledge that the Committee could have come to her in California further delaying this excoriating process. Ford came out unscathed and vindicated herself as a woman of integrity. I have no idea what actually happened to her all those years ago, but my beliefs don’t really matter. She believes that Brett Kavanaugh assaulted her in the manner she described. That is an embarrassing thing to discuss and still fills her with undue shame. All victims experience shame because there is no rational answer to the question “why me?” A little voice inside tries to answer that question by saying: “because this is how you deserve to be treated.” But she didn’t deserve to be treated like that. No one does. And so she mustered her courage and stood before the world to tell her story. Any woman or man out there right now struggling with the decision to name their abusers needs to look at her example and see that this is how you should conduct yourself, and sooner rather than later. You don’t know where your abusers could end up and who they might abuse in the meantime. Come forward. Dr. Ford didn’t want it to be this public and it shouldn’t have had to be this way. But she didn’t point fingers at the patriarchy or imply that we have a “rape problem” in this country. A fellow Biola alumnus (whom I have thankfully never met) came forward on Facebook last year to name her alleged rapist and she did none of the things Dr. Ford did. She sounded like a crazy person seeking revenge and the only people who believed her were woke radicals or her friends. She raved about rape culture at Biola and how the La Mirada police department was involved in a conspiracy to silence victims. She provided no evidence and decided it was time to ruin her alleged abuser’s lives. This approach silences other women because they’re afraid they’ll been seen in the same light. Dr. Ford has done the exact opposite. Follow Dr. Ford’s example. A life characterized by self respect and humility is far better then one based in revenge and mania. Her testimony has holes in it, but so do all testimonies. But at least she hasn’t tried to make up corroborating details to create a smoother story. Her lack of specificity on many things adds to her credibility, but conversely that does make it much harder to use her testimony against Judge Kavanaugh. Ironically that too adds to her credibility. Her testimony is not that useful, so she’s probably doing her best to tell the confusing truth.

This situation was very ugly. But some good things came out of it, especially clarity over the need for the presumption of innocence and the importance of evidence.



Christian, educator, & Writer

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