Dr. Ford admits it was all made up

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Christine blasey Ford finally admits that her allegations against Brett Kavanaugh must be false. For those who don’t remember Ford is a leftist activist and frequent flyer who couldn’t remember anything about her alleged sexual assault by the SCOTUS justice over three decades ago. Apparently there’s only so much room in the hippopotamus section of the brain for corroborating details.

Last year’s inflammatory confirmation battle over Kavanaugh was reignited by new revelations from Ford’s high school friend Leland Keyser. A forthcoming volume making the case against Kavanaugh by two NYT reporters contains this bombshell:

We spoke multiple times to Keyser, who also said that she didn’t recall that get-together or any others like it. In fact, she challenged Ford’s accuracy. “I don’t have any confidence in the story.”

Snopes, the McGruff Crime Dog of online news, was hot on the case within minutes. They reached out to Ford and her response was shocking:

According to Snopes Ford had to cut the interview short at that point because her Uber had just arrived. Apparently she’s flying to Tahiti to “catch some major tsunami waves.”

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