Anyone who says that is very stupid and I’ve never heard any pro capitalist say such a thing. Capitalism is deeply unnatural which is why it’s been the greatest source of peace between humans ever. Whereas Socialism is extremely natural and causes violence, famine, and hatred. Hayek called economics catallaxy or friendship for this reason. Socialist policies created Jim Crow. Capitalist policies would’ve ended discrimination in the south decades before the Civil War. Thomas Sowell has pointed this out numerous times. The busing companies didn’t like Jim Crow because it was bad for business. Free markets turn potential enemies into potential friends because good business is doing what others want not what you want. Socialism turns friends into enemies because it can’t sustain itself as is and black markets always arise which will be governed by non accountable entities. Milton Friedman pointed this out long long ago. Umair simply doesn’t know what he’s talking about. These posts are an endless abyss of ignorance sadly enabled by a free market enterprise called Medium. I’m glad we live in a world where ignorant people like Umair can say extremely stupid things and get paid for it. At least that’s an honest and free world.

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