30 Best Films of the last decade

Honorable mentions and the state of things

Marvel’s Infinity Saga, for all its faults, is easily one of the most amazing things Cinema has ever produced. This next decade Marvel will struggle, and they will struggle a lot, to create compelling films. DC via Warner Bros is on a powerful rise. But just the fact that the Infinity Saga even happened is an amazing feat in itself. I thought about just making this my number 2 entry. Twenty Two films, spanning 11 years and none of them are bad. Some of them aren’t great but none of them are genuinely bad. Captain Marvel is a crappy character played by an annoying actress but even her film is mostly watchable. Then there’s the money: over $20 billion. Yes over $4 million was spent but that’s still Billions and Billions of dollars in returns. The Infinity Saga was not a vapid commercial enterprise either. The high points were definitely The Winter Soldier and Civil War, the later probably has the finest film script…since…honestly it’s one of the greatest film scripts ever. But those are very high, high points. The Infinity Saga was a very special moment in cinematic history. It’s the apotheosis of those crappy Saturday matinee serials that inspired the flanneled one to create Star Wars. It’s an amazing era of pop culture history, and I’m glad I was able to live through it.



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